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Big bundle of bras giveaway for AMAB people !

Ok, so I recently got my chest properly mesured and did some drastic cuts in my former bra collection. And instead of throwing them in the recycle bin I decided to do a little good action and do a giveaway intended for AMAB trans and non-binary people !


  • -There’s two bundles of 4 bras, each being labeled a french 90D (US & UK 34D), as showed on the pictures (sorry my camera is kinda crappy ><)
  • For those with screen readers :
  •   -The first bundle contents are a black with with polka dots bras, one red with a black ribbon on the cups, one with brown and white tartan and black lace, and one simple black one.
  •   -The second prize is one dark purple with pale pink lace, one black with white squares and lace, one pale green with black highlights and one beige with black highlights.


  • -You must be a trans and/or non binary AMAB person.
  • -Cis artists needing bras for their performances are not accepted.
  • -You can reblog to pass the word to your followers nonetheless, but I’d like you to tag your post “Signal boost” to help me out.
  • -Have your askbox open, obviously.
  • -I don’t really care if your blog is a giveaway dedicated one as long as you’re an AMAB person identifying as trans or nonbinary.
  • -GIVEAWAY ENDS ON AUGUST THE 13TH. I know it’s not much time but I’m moving out of my actual place the 15th and I want to be done with packages at that time !


  • -Reblogs and likes count alike ! You can reblog as much as you like !
  • -You do not have to follow me to enter, but if you do I will add a little something in the packages =)
  • The winners will be chosen randomly
  • I will ship for free no matter where you live !

Friendly reminder that there’s a week left before the end of this giveaway so please spread the word ? =)

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The most obvious changes I experienced yeah !

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Anonyme a dit: As a fellow bisexual woman, I've got a few hate messages saying some things among the lines of ''bisexual people are just transphobic pansexuals'', what's your opinion on that?


My opinion is that the pansexual vs bisexual thing has to end. It’s so petty and pointless and when we’re divided, it stops us from focussing on the real issues like bi and pan erasure, and y’know, general human rights. 

Bisexuals and pansexuals should be friends. We’re very similar. Some of us even define ourselves in exactly the same way. 

Being bisexual isn’t transphobic because the most broadly used definition of bisexuality is: attraction to same and different genders or attraction to more than one gender.

Trans people don’t have their own special category. Trans men are men. Trans women are women. 

When I say I’m attracted to women, I mean women. Obviously including trans women. 

When I say I’m attracted to men, I mean men. Obviously including trans men. 

When I say I am attracted to non-binary people, I mean exactly that. 

I don’t think it’s a difficult concept for people to grasp, so I think this argument is rooted in biphobia, not in concern for the trans community. 

Bisexuality is not problematic by definition. Sure, there are going to be individual bisexuals that are transphobic but there are bad eggs in just about every group in the world. This isn’t a problem unique to the bi community, and to frame it like that is just plain biphobia. 

I could define myself as pansexual or bisexual. Most bisexuals probably could. I chose bisexuality because it is more broadly known about, and I am very determined to show people that bisexuality isn’t wrong. I refuse to not call myself bisexual because biphobic people are uncomfortable with the term for bigoted, unfounded, and ignorant reasons. 

Seriously, why are we hating on each other? We’re supposed to be a community. We get enough hate and abuse from the outside world. We don’t need this pointless bullshit on top of all that. 


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Shut you up real fast.

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man where the hell are all the resources for MAAB nonbinary people looking to try and be more femme

someone i care about is kinda trying to figure some stuff out and i realized how universally all the genderqueer and nonbinary stuff i know about is for FAAB people looking to find a more masculine presentation and focuses on chest binding and contouring and blah blah

like there’s hardly anything for femme people 

could anyone point me to some help?

Women’s Clothing Terminology
Tucking How-to Guide
Realistic Breast Form Tutorial
The Breast Form Store
Mastectomy Bras with Built In Flap for Breast Forms
How to Contour and Highlight Using Makeup

How to Apply Eyeliner with a Spoon

How to Apply Foundation
How to Apply Blush
How to Apply Eyeshadow

MTF” Hormone Guide

MTF” Surgery Guide

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How sexual orientation in the Trans Community breaks down.
Go ahead and try to tell me how you can fight for all gay and lesbian people and yet fight against trans folks rights.
This is one of two studies that found the division is equal, though they asked slightly different questions.


How sexual orientation in the Trans Community breaks down.

Go ahead and try to tell me how you can fight for all gay and lesbian people and yet fight against trans folks rights.

This is one of two studies that found the division is equal, though they asked slightly different questions.

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Via Rutgers University Center for Social Justice Education and LGBT Communities
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Anonyme a dit: Hello, I don't think either being trans is a medical condition but I've had a hard time putting an accurate term on my transness so most of the time I go with medical condition for my case, bc I want to medically transition. What would be a better term for a trans condition? Because it is not medical, nor physical, nor psychological. What should I say? Thank you!







Its just who you are. Similar to being gay, or liking ponies. Dysphoria is the medical condition that is treated via transition

holy shit how the fuck can you consider yourself trans and say something like that what the fuck you don’t choose to be trans but you can choose to like ponies and being trans isn’t “who you are” it’s a medical condition what the fuck

Why do you like your favorite color? Can you make yourself like a certain color? No. Being trans is NOT a medical condition. Dysphoria is. You dont choose to like certain things. You dont choose to like traveling, you dont choose to fall in love with women, you dont choose to be who you are. That includes being trans. You dont choose to e a man or a woman or genderqueer or agender etc. you just _are_.
After transition, you are still trans. Being trans is not “treatable” because it isnt a problem. After transition, you are no longer dysphoric. Having dysphoria is treatable and it is what is the problem.


Awww thanks

Perfect answer is perfect.

(except the part with no longer having dysphoria after transitioning, this is perfect)

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